Day 38 of Care

Weight: 99.5 , lost a total of 4.5 kilos

Size: 1 inch less..

Food is being great, just the way i like it, less meat, lights breakfast, light dinner, nice lunch and a fruit in between.. but i miss vegetables..

In few days i will start doing their diet on my own, since i got the idea of their diet… then after a while i’ll go back if needed…

If i lost 4 kilos in 38 days

How many kilos would i lose in 90 days?  10 Kg’s

It means to reach my goal on the same flow of this diet, i will lose the 27 kilos in  8 months! OMG!! i will have to work out more… which mean until next april i will be able to reach my goal 🙂 doesn’t sound bad at all..

still i need to work out more.

So Fitness.. here i come.

I guess i will lose faster since i’m leaving the country for the coming 4-6 months… wish me luck, i need a decent job.

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  1. hmm you running away!!!

    Yes, i have nothing to stay here for.

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